Olathe CERT Organization

CERT Organization

  • CERT Manager: Capt. Steve Hill
  • Coordinator: TBA

CERT Mission

The Olathe Community Emergency Response Team is a volunteer driven program of the Olathe Fire Department, passionately committed to serving the community by maintaining a trained, prepared citizenry.

Board Contacts

Board leadership

  • Chairperson: Sandy Freeman
  • Vice-Chair: Stacey Koontz
  • Secretary: Vacant

Standing Committees

These are committees with ongoing duties to support the Olathe CERT organization.

Community liaisons:

Liaisons are tasked with leading cert activities in the four districts in olathe.  North/South of Sante Fe is the dividing line. There are also special purpose teams such as Health and Safety and Special projects.

  • North – John Sanches
  • South – Twila Smith

Operations teams

  • Health and Safety Liaison / Board Chairman – Bob Hoffman
  • Quartermaster – Jesse Gonzalez
  • ECSI Coordinator – Jill Corine

(updated 04/09/2019)